[Bf-committers] properties per datablock & python

Jonathan-David SCHRODER myselfhimself at free.fr
Sat May 17 13:13:12 CEST 2008

while doing research for annotating objects with some details (for the
blender repo client framework project)

- I stumbled upon a blending into python book entry here :

- and a 2.42 python api release log on bf-committers which dates back to
january 2007 :
* Blender lib data - Added IDproperties to most libdata - a way you can
assign arbitrary properties data to any Blender libdata.
Ton has two items on his todo before bcon4

* buttons/panel for custom properties
* cache limitor for new image code

the second item might get punted to after 2.43

-there's also the python api related page (for objects here but the
properties attribute exist for all kinds of datablocks) where you can see
the IDGroup:properties attribute :

do you know if some GUI work has been done in C or python to be able to
display&edit non game engine custom properties ?

Do you also know what projects use this IDGroup:properties python
functionnality ? There's just things that look like proposals blending into
python on the wikibook).

I'd be ok to do something in python + gui to be able to do show+edit for all
those custom properties, because this relates to the repo client project I'm
working on
(in our case : details on the original author of the object, date published,
parent blend file it originates from, repository adress it originates


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