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bjornmose bjornmose at gmx.net
Thu May 15 00:52:38 CEST 2008

Hi all,
now that all the MS haters did take their chance to vent ..
/* me has been watching that with more or less amusement */
i'd like to try an anwser:
/* polite intro  */
1. Blender by design is open to read / write files of any format (via 
python), if the format is known somehow. /* we know chinese hackers can 
'reverse engineer' almost everthing .. but we are proud to say : we 
don't need to do ! .. we simply don't care :) */
2. Because Blender is 'cross platform' in a real wide sense,  we don't 
think it is a good idea to implement features that focuses a certain OS.
3. However we do/did support some  MS specific formats on output .. such 
as AVI .. just to make user's living easier .. well , but with VLC and 
others available  clever users /* even on MS systems  */  have a 'swiss 
knife' to access foreign video formats.
/* polite bla */
.. would be nice to have the format of some MS specific file formats 
available .. in the sense of :
beeing allowed to open / read and convert to another format ..
not like ' the http://www.virtualdub.org/' : they were forced by MS to 
remove some 'codec' stuff .. /* won't go too deep in here .. in doubt 
you (ton) know whom to mail to  right ?*/

/* more polite bla */
to resume:
rather politely say : 'We are pleased to be recognized by Microsoft , 
but we don't feel you have very much to offer to get us along'
my 0.02 EU on that

Ton Roosendaal schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I recently was contacted by Microsoft Development, they've assigned one  
> of their people with the job to support open source projects better.  
> Yep, I've immediately asked for free MSVC Pro licenses! :)
> They also like to know about file format support... which I really have  
> no idea about. Are there files in the Windows universe you need to have  
> a better Blender user experience?
> ----------------- quote -----------------
> With respect to Blender, what can you tell me about your community/user  
> feedback that you have heard regarding file formats?  Specifically,  
> Microsoft is slowly shifting toward a more open standards based  
> approach to its file formats.  The ISO standard Office Open XML is an  
> example of the direction we are moving towards.
> A good user experience of Blender on Windows is good for your  
> project/community and good for Microsoft.  What we are trying to  
> understand is what file formats, which are not open or not fully open,  
> are impeding the optimal experience with your community. If this is an  
> important issue to your users then it also accrues to the experience in  
> Windows. I would like to know what feedback you might have received  
> regarding the files your users most often import and those they might  
> be having a sub-optimal experience with.  Please also include in that  
> list any Microsoft files that you might have trouble with.
> ------------------------------------------
> Anyone has answer to this?
> Thanks,
> -Ton-
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