[Bf-committers] Donation Drive for Blender Foundation

Chris Cherrett stuff at trackingsolutions.ca
Wed May 14 22:53:18 CEST 2008


With the recent MS mud in the air, I got thinking that it would be nice
to see if the community would be interested in fund raising periodically
for The Blender Foundation to purchase such things as Visual Studio

I have talked to Bart at Blender Nation and he has agreed to support the
advertising of a fund raiser with the links needed. Bart said the last
fund raiser was a big tax on him so I proposed that the money be
directly gathered into a paypal account like system to The Blender
Foundation. That way there is no middle man.

If this would be acceptable to you and you have an account setup I could
deal with the proposal and images needed for the page. It would be nice
for me to be able to help in this way.

Do I have your approval to do such a thing? I will stay 100% anonymous.

Please let me know.


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