[Bf-committers] Volumetrics update and little surprise

echelon at infomail.upr.edu.cu echelon at infomail.upr.edu.cu
Thu May 8 16:59:28 CEST 2008


  Remember when I said that i will develop little surprises? well, last
nigth, after some days wondering and experimenting with a feature I
wanted in blender since the first day I saw it finally could implement
an algorithm to render in fully 3D (and fully illuminated) Iterated
Function Sistems (IFS) pretty much like 3D Fractal Flames. I have to
point out that the algorithm is not the same as the Chaos game for
Fractal flames, since the chaos game seek for the fixed points in the
set of functions S=U F(S) and the one I develop have a deterministic
approach and fully map the set to the space, but the results are
 as beautifull as flame fractals (Also note that with the increase in the
complexity of the function set render times will grow but also the bueaty
of the images)
 I have to note also that this is only a test that I made to see if it is
posible to render 3D compound iterated function sets with the volumetrics
core, now that I know is posible I will pospose it development to
continue the normal flow of the volumetrics features.
I will extend it trying to implement all the fractal flames
variations/transformations that Apophisys have but in 3D (but dont expect
the same fractals because like i said the algorithm is different) (the
algorithm are easily extended to any dimensions) and few things more.
  This feature could be achived with the pynode sistem but it will be much
slow than hardcoded in blender. I also will need more research on this
when its time came and implement more coloring algorithms.
   Truly it will extend te posibility of image sintesys of blender to
infinity since blender could be now easily turned into a beautifull  
mathematical exploration tool.

    If I could also I will, with the help of the devs, or other devs itselfs
 extend it to allow custom user function sets (the posibilities are
endless but everithing at its time, forgive my exitment but after many
implementations failed in this I almost get it by pure luck last nigth
when i said: -this will be my last try, if not, ill forget about it and
will focused on the shading stuffs Im currently working )

 So if I could today I will upload the content related to raytraced
shadows (that are integrated for all the ligth types and support QMC
sampling and multiple passes aswell) and some test render I made with the
3D ICFS (Iterated Compound Function Sistem).

                 At least blender will be a great banner maker !  :)


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