[Bf-committers] Problem ini RC3 with alpha rendering in the GE

Benoit Bolsee benoit.bolsee at online.be
Thu May 1 15:59:03 CEST 2008

Since several weeks there is an elusive bug in the gameengine with the
rendering of alpha faces. When the bug shows up, the alpha faces are
rendered without alpha texture, just vector color. The trouble is that
the conditions of the bug are unpredictable and variable. Typically you
need to run the game twice to see it but if you do certain actions
before running the game, such as visiting some scene, the bug may not
show up at all.  It depends also on the build: I have a blend that shows
the bug with RC3 for windows but not in my SVN debug build.
Interestingly, once the bug showed up in the game engine, the faces will
also be rendered badly in 3D view.
This indicates a  memory corruption bug that depends highly on the
runtime conditions. However, the bug is reproducable if the conditions
are the same.
Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to reproduce it with a simple
blend in my debug environment. I'm pretty certain that it will be very
annoying for the BGE users if we let it go in the final release. I just
need to get a simple blend that shows it in my debug environment and I'm
sure I can fix it quickly. Any help in getting a test blend will be
It is also possible that the bug is related to a memory optimization
patch in the BE rasterizer. I'd like to work with the windows platform
maintainer to create a build identical to RC3 but without the patch to
see if the bug disappear.
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