[Bf-committers] implemented new blender option: --geometry, -G <width>{xX}<height>][{+-}<xoffset>{+-}<yoffset> option...

Dietrich Bollmann diresu at web.de
Sun Jun 29 14:46:00 CEST 2008


I posted a patch which implements the --geometry / -G
<width>{xX}<height>][{+-}<xoffset>{+-}<yoffset> option on the blender
patch tracker.

Greetings, Dietrich


Detailed description:

The appended patch enables blender to understand the options

  --geometry <width>{xX}<height>][{+-}<xoffset>{+-}<yoffset>


  -G <width>{xX}<height>][{+-}<xoffset>{+-}<yoffset>

beside the option combination

  blender -w -p <sx> <sy> <w> <h>

to specify window size and/or position of the blender window.


  blender --geometry 600x400+100+200     

corresponds to

  blender -w -p 100 200 600 400

It is also possible to only specify the position or size using the --geometry option:

  blender --geometry 600x400
  blender --geometry +100+200

...even if the latter variant doesn't make sense as blender tries to
use all available screen space when no size is explicitly given...

Regards, Dietrich

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