[Bf-committers] Modifier stack refactor

Diego Hernan Borghetti bdiego at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 00:14:08 CEST 2008

On Mon, 23 Jun 2008, GSR wrote:

> Hi,
> theeth at yahoo.com (2008-06-23 at 1453.33 -0700):
>>> Or 2.47 bugfixes go to 2.47 branch and new code goes to
>>> trunk.
>> That's exactly what we DON'T want to do. That would be the best way to end up with a bug fixes in 2.47 but not in trunk (ie: later versions).
> I assumed the coder would had to knowledge to include "fixes" in new
> code as well.

But if we assumed too many things.. we finish with a really mess, so my 
opinion is no, only merge from trunk to 2.47.

Also I know that if we split the code in different files it's hard apply 
the patch, but I don't have problem if Ben got the "OK" and start working in trunk.

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