[Bf-committers] Volumetric Update

echelon at infomail.upr.edu.cu echelon at infomail.upr.edu.cu
Mon Jun 23 19:11:35 CEST 2008

Hi all!

 Coding the UI are not so dificult after all, my fears about it are
vanished now, indeed are pretty simple to code the UI

 I could not finish it in the weekend because I have today and the
remaining week 4 final exams so I could barely continue the code. But
after finish the exam week I will continue the UI work

 The buttons I coded by now are working very well (Its nice to see how the
coded funtionality that before I have to recomplile every time I changed
it now change as I modified it, but I had to have first the core working
before moving to the UI)

  So as I promess I think (only death are shure for every man) that the
next week I could finish the UI plus few cleaning work plus some
tutorials (because the amount of new functionality are inmense) plus the
source code

 remeber this will be the first testing build so theres still many things
that left to be implement it. later I will do the list of the remaining
things to implement


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