[Bf-committers] Mirror view stereo mode in Game Engine

Benoit Bolsee benoit.bolsee at online.be
Wed Jun 18 13:21:43 CEST 2008


> I was trying to invert some parameters of the matrix *m_viewmatrix*, 
> but apparently this values are based on the model, not on my view 
> (if I move the camera the parameters don't change).

> Could anyone land me a hand on this, please :)> 
> I have no clue about what is the proper matrix to be changed, and how
to do that. 
> But it doesn't look a hard task, right?

I worked a lot on stereo mode last month and reactivated the quad
buffered mode, I can probably help on that matter. The function were the
OpenGL matrix is set for both eyes is
RAS_OpenGLRasterizer::GetFrustumMatrix(). This is probably where you
want to put the horizontal flip for the right eye.


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