[Bf-committers] BIH acceleration structure?

Yves Poissant ypoissant2 at videotron.ca
Tue Feb 26 16:37:51 CET 2008

Thanks people with the welcome.

I'll wait a bit here. I know that Brecht is really busy with Peach already. 
In the meantime, I'm getting acqainted with Blender and I'm reading Carsten 
Wachter's (the inventor of the BIH) PhD Thesis which was published just a 
few weeks ago and where there is an in-depth discussion of the BIH and the 
different strategies for its implementation. The Thesis is available at 
http://vts.uni-ulm.de/doc.asp?id=6265 if anyone is interested.


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> On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 8:19 AM, Yves Poissant <ypoissant2 at videotron.ca> 
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>> Hi there,
> Hello,
> [snip]
> quite an impressive resume, we are happy to have you join us.
> Regarding BIH,
> as mentioned by joe, apparently Brecht worked on BIH some, also Kier
> did (as mentioned in the wiki - the University of Toronto students
> ended up doing composite nodes instead), but neither BIH effort came
> to fruition.  I contacted Kier, but apparently the coding he did is
> locked away on a laptop that he doesn't have access to and has no idea
> when he might have access to it again.
> Noone is working on BIH at this time as far as I know, but you might
> want to check with Brecht (he follows this mailing list but might be
> behind on his reading due to being busy with peach - Brecht Van Lommel
> <brechtvanlommel AT pandora DOT be>  ) to see if he plans to pick it
> back up or if his todo list is long enough that he is unlikely to
> return to it in the near future.
>>  Also, I'm not quite sure what are the custom for such a project. Do I 
>> need
>>  to submit something and/or does such a project needs to be approved in 
>> some
>>  way?
> Letting us know of your plans on this list is an excellent start.  If
> you don't hear from brecht soon, I'd dive in.  Once you have it either
> finished or good preliminary results please place a patch in the patch
> tracker, and email a notice to the list.  Also you might want to
> provide a testing build for users to play with so that bugs are less
> likely to be encountered when the patch is reviewed.
> You might also want to stop by #blendercoders on irc.freenode.net
> Also we have a weekly meeting on sundays for developer
> discussion/decisions - see the wiki for details and times.
> (Discussion can take place at any time of the week and on the mailing
> list, so the meeting is primarily for decisions and status updates -
> also immediately after the meeting the majority of developers are
> present so asking questions and discussions have the highest chance of
> someone knowledgable in that area being present ).
> Glad to have you join us, good luck,
> LetterRip 

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