[Bf-committers] Implementation of Copy & Paste for X11, OSX and win32 within GHOST

ricki myers antihc3 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 03:18:25 CET 2008

Hello All.
    Well i am back playing with the text editor code.
This patch adds GHOST calls for copy and paste used in blenders text editor.
I moved and had to change bits of windows code but i have tested it once.
I also added the calls for Carbon and X11.
X11 has the selection buffer that we are used to as well.  This is why the
functions are not as simple as getClipboard().

bdiego was kind enough to test out this patch and review the code for X11.
and jensverwiebe compiled and test under Carbon.

When the disto managers get time can you please review this patch.
I have assigned this patch to myself so it was not just hanging out there.


antihc3 a.k.a Rick
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