[Bf-committers] 3d View performance regression

Matt Ebb matt at mke3.net
Thu Feb 21 00:17:51 CET 2008


This morning I opened up a file I was working on Tuesday this week
(though the build I was using may have been from before then) in a
current svn build of Blender, and noticed that orbiting around in the
3d View was a lot slower than I remember working with previously. I'm
not sure whether somehow the compiler settings have changed (I
reinstalled cygwin recently, which I'm using here, I think in between
the last couple of compiles I did) or whether it's something in the
code. Has anyone else noticed any differences?

The scene in question is pretty big. It has 5 characters, lots of
dupligroup instanced geometry, a lot of hair strands. Doing a Help ->
System -> Benchmark -> Draw over the camera view in a current build of
Blender gives the results:
0.788940 s/op -   1.27 ops/s  - 7 iterations
whereas the same thing in a build I'd saved from Feb 14th gives the results
0.135011 s/op -  7.41 ops/s  - 38 iterations

which seems like a pretty significant difference.

Has anyone else noticed behaviour like this?

I'm going to try downloading some builds from graphicall.org to test, too...


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