[Bf-committers] building blender on netbsd - not multithreading

Joe Eagar joeedh at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 15:34:44 CET 2008

First off, please subscribe to the ML.

Anyway, sounds like this is a pthreads issue to me.   I assume you 
really did set the thread count to higher then 1 in the UI (but have to 
check anyway)?  This is very odd.


Thilo Jeremias wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new here -  so apologies if that has been answered already (I did 
> google though)
> I build blender on netbsd(4), with the scons buildsystem.
> a) It seems pkgsrc does not work for me
> b) more important I cannot set the renderer to be multi-threaded.
> Whatever setting I use it still only uses 1 cpu on an amd64.
> ( I verified that scons used -lpthread ) the last couple of lines from 
> the build are at: http://nispuk.com/blenderbuild.log.txt (if someone 
> cares).
> The config i used is at: http://nispuk.com/config_netbsd3-config.py.txt
> Any help as to where start debugging is appreciated / or if this is a 
> known and fixed problem.
> pls reply to me directly as well, as I haven't subscribed to the mailing 
> list yet.
> cheers thilo
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