[Bf-committers] Blender, CSG and Carve.

Tobias Sargeant tobias.sargeant at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 01:18:46 CET 2008

On 13/02/2008, at 11:13 AM, Stephen Swaney wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 10:43:36AM +1100, Tobias Sargeant wrote:
>> For a
>> long time I've considered dual licensing Carve along the same  
>> lines of
>> Qt (free for non-commercial use, separate license for commercial  
>> use),
>> specifically so that it could be incorporated into Blender.
> CSG operations have always been a weak point in Blender; due both  
> to its
> philosophy of modeling and its internal data structures.
> However, the type of license (free for non-commercial) you are talking
> about would prevent Carve from being included in Blender.

Blender is GPL'ed, right? So a dual licensing with GPL as one license
would fit?

What conditions would need to be met to work with Blender?


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