[Bf-committers] patch 8235 to repair RaySensor (broken after patch 8183)

Benoit Bolsee benoit.bolsee at online.be
Tue Feb 5 20:08:30 CET 2008

I've submitted a temporary patch to repair the RaySensor. Details in the
patch description.
It opens a discussion: in Blender 2.45 the ray sensor stops on the first
object with or without the matching property/material. However the code
in KX_RayCast::RayTest() is an attempt to look behind non matching
objects so it was decided at some point in the past that the ray sensor
should "see" through non matching objects. But there is a bug in that
code causing infinite loop.
The question is: do we want to keep the 2.45 behaviour or fix the bug
and make the ray sensor "X-ray" capable? I personally think that the
2.45 behaviour is more logical but the X-Ray mode can also be usefull.
So maybe make it optional?
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