[Bf-committers] Group visisbility /invisibility toggle

David Bryant aceone at bellsouth.net
Mon Feb 4 11:59:44 CET 2008

As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm writing a group visibility 
/invisibility toggle for groups in the Groups panel as an experimental 
feature instead of layer functionality.GUI is up and working and almost 
finished and even toggles to invisible.

When the obstacle is hidden,it needs to be selected to be brought back to 
the active layer.Blender doesn't have a function that selects groups by the 
assigned name so as to not depend on  targeting a specific object in a 
certain group for visibility / invisibility (as the outliner currently does) 
in order to toggle it back to visible .The current group functions  loops to 
test if a certain object is in a certain group and selects it.

The whole group needs to be able to toggle for visibility / invisibility.

The current fuction setup is no good for an visibility / invisibility toggle 

I need to write a function that selects and test objects based on the 
assigned NAMES of groups then I will be completely finished then Whole 
groups can be toggled for
visibility / invisibility in addition to specific objects in a certain group 
(already in function in the outliner).

Then groups will add even more power to scene organization.

My question is how is the assigned name of a group linked to the objects in 
a group so as to select the object based on the NAME of the group so that I 
can write a function that does this?

Hope someone can help.

I'm going to port the named layers code patch to compile with the current 
SVN code this evening with a .blend and update my wiki page (even though the 
project in my opinion has been reduced to purely personal in the eyes of 

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