[Bf-committers] OOPS Schematic

Roger Wickes rogerwickes at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 29 12:19:16 CET 2008

I submitted this to BlenderStorm:

 I think that the main reason OOPS is not more useful is because, for large scenes, you just get lost in data overload. If the graph was self-organizing, or assisted the user in traversing the content, or in limiting the content shown, it would be used more. It's like a graphical Select statement, but you can only Select * from blend, if you get my SQL analogy. Instead of showing me everything, please only show me what I need/want. 

Example: I have an object that indicates it uses a multi-user (shared) material that I want to change. What else uses that material? In the OOPS, I see the object block. L links me to its material, but I have to trace the lines to find it manually. Perhaps a better Shuffle would organize the tree for me. 

Hide could allow me to hide what I am not interested in or what is not selected, thus clearly revealing what is used, with hidden stuff indicated through off-page connectors. Just like in 3D, Hiding allows me to focus on what I want to work on. Same holds true in searching the blend file via the OOPS.

Once I have the material. shift-L highlights the users, but again I have to trace it myself - quickly getting lost in the maze, especially with the crossed lines and duck-unders. Now that I see the other objects, being able to select them in 3D View would also be helpful.

Once I only view what I want, if Shuffle would tighten up the selected objects and exclude non-linked ones, that would be very useful. 

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