[Bf-committers] Some work on BlenderPocket 2.48

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Dec 28 12:45:42 CET 2008


> 1) I would like to add the capability to rotate the screen

Don't use a glRotate, that won't work at all.
Instead the system should handle this at ghost level, remapping X and Y 
coordinates, also for mouse input.


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On 22 Dec, 2008, at 0:00, Salvatore Russo wrote:

> Hi,
> I am synchronizing BlenderPocket with the current version of Blender 
> and
> I have some questions, maybe you could help me :-)
> 1) I would like to add the capability to rotate the screen for all
> devices (like mine) that do not support this feature. In this way, the
> user will ever be able to choose in using BlenderPocket in landscape
> mode or not. As Blender UI is fully OpenGL, my first idea was to play
> with some modelview matrices and introduce on top of the transformation
> matrix stack a glRotate (90, 0,0,1). It would help me a lot if someone
> could confirm that this approach is the right one and point me in the
> code where can I do it: with my first tests, I am affraid that it will
> not be so easy...
> 2) I am trying to optimize BlenderPocket with simple things that can
> have big effect on small devices, like reducing the MAXPICKBUF to 100,
> simplifying event queues, etc... Do you maybe have some other "simple"
> optimizations to advice me to speed up Blender on very limited devices?
> 3) Can someone explain me how the /release/datafiles/preview.blend file
> is used by Blender? I would like to understand this to try some
> optimisations in the material/texture previews ;)
> Thanks for your help and good luck in your Blender 2.5 work ;)
> Salvatore
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