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Brecht Van Lommel brecht at blender.org
Sat Dec 27 08:49:04 CET 2008


joe wrote:
> What's the design rationale of supporting arrays of group properties? 
>  Seems supporting arrays of id properties in general would be a cleaner 
> solution, if it's needed. . .

Can you explain the difference to me? The array before supported 
subtypes IDP_INT, ID_FLOAT and IDP_DOUBLE. The logical extension 
seemed to me to just add IDP_GROUP. Isn't the end result basically the 

Well, it could be interesting to support mixed id property types in a 
single array, but that is not how the array was implemented here. 
Doing it that way would have been inconsistent with the way IDP_INT, 
IDP_FLOAT and IDP_DOUBLE already work.


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