[Bf-committers] "Official" CUDA Benchmark/Implementation Thread

Giuseppe Ghibò ghibo at mandriva.com
Sat Dec 20 16:39:21 CET 2008

joe wrote:
> Ah which one of Moshibroda's papers is that?
> Joe
Well, the stream.c they talk about should be this one:


while fore the rdarray there is published the inner loop in Figure 3b of
the paper. I had just rewritten it, but
using the index of random indexes as this:

index[j] = (int) (((double) N) * (rand() / (RAND_MAX + 1.0)));

instead of:

index[j] = rand() % N; */   /* NO, lower-bits! */

as IIRC that way is discouraged by rand() man page.


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