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Xavier Thomas xavier.thomas.1980 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 18:39:02 CET 2008


After resolving the sequencer color correction problem (no filter stack,
just making it work properly), I am thinking of giving it a more appealing
UI. Here is a fucntional concept I did:

- The hue saturation value disk and slider use the min and max property of
the uiBut to remao the values between min and max to allow negattive values
or values >1 (no more inverse button)
- Changing lift does not affect gain and vice versa
- Moving the value in the disk colorise shadows, midtones, or highlights in
the corresponding color
- lift gamma and gain values are directly used in the UI (no more
manipulation to set 1,1,1 as non change value and 0->1 value as darkening

Now I am thinking in grouping this in something like the curves control:
- To see only lift gamma or gain at once (keep the ui compact)
- Rearange the controls
- See RGB value on the side of the disk getting actualised while we change
- Replace the value slider at the bottom of the disk with a normal slider

After reading the cuvemapping in butspace.c It seems that it won't be so
easy because I need to change min and max values of somme button according
to what is selected (lif, gamma, or gain).

The only solution I see is to add 2 controls in butspace and make one use
the other, but I am not really sure this will function correctly. And it
seems that I will need to add extra values to DNA like currently selected
adjustement (lift gamma or gain) and temporary hsv values.

Also as lift must go form -infinte to 0 for darkening and from 0 to 1 for
brightening, (gamma and gain, form 0-> and 1->infinit) some kind of log
scale and precise adjustement in the disk would be necessary also (for the
moment I limited the range to -1->1 or 0->2).

I really would appreciate if someone with experience in blender inteface
code can give me some guidelines to acheive this, I allready spent lot of
time trying to understand it and I am still not sure to get it.


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