[Bf-committers] WITH_OPENEXR required in file that defines it afterwards?

Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva miguelf at ieee.org
Mon Dec 15 04:49:38 CET 2008


First of all, I'm a newbie in this community and there seems to be
quite a few forums (IRC chat, blender forums, and this mailing list),
so I would like to apologize if this is not the forum to post issues
like this. If it isn't, please let me know and I'll post it elsewhere.

I have just compiled blender in linux/gcc and in windows/msvc90 using
the CMake system. I encountered the following problem when compiling
the debug version.

In svn rev.10193, the file "openexr_api.cpp" was modified with an
additional "defined(WITH_OPENEXR)" at line 40:


I don't know if this is necessary for some weird reason, but I would
presume that if we get to this point that we are including OPENEXR. In
addition, included a few lines below that (line 54) is the definition

I bring this up because I had the linking problem due to not defining
the "_invalid_parameter_noinfo" dummy function. If I remove the
"defined(WITH_OPENEXR)" portion of the conditional at line 40 all is

If for some reason this can't be modified in this way, then I believe
that the CMakeLists.txt at
source/blender/imbuf/intern/openexr/CMakeLists.txt should be modified
with the following snippet as in other cases throughout the code:


I also encountered a problem with the python library, but this is
certainly because the CMake files were not updated. The system was
copying the python25.dll instead of the lib25_vs2008/python25_d.dll.

I would like to know if the CMake build system is actively maintained?
Are there any docs with bugs or missing features related to the CMake
build? What is the policy to update the minimum required version of
CMake needed to compile blender?


Miguel A. Figueroa Villanueva
+1 787 832-4040 x.3205
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Campus

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