[Bf-committers] CUDA backend implementation for GSoC?

Sebastian Kochman sebastian.kochman at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 00:46:43 CET 2008

First of all I'd like to say "hello everybody!" as it's my first post
on this mailing list ;-)

The thread about CUDA has interested me very much, because I was
thinking recently about the same thing - using this interesting
technology in Blender. And - as I'm a student - I was also thinking
about that as a GSoC project :-)

Probably there are a lot of features where CUDA (or other similar
solutions) would become very useful. What I am thinking about at this
moment is the particles system - it seems to be a problem ideal to
solve with GPU.

You can find some CUDA examples on nVidia's site:
They claims that some of that solutions reach 100x, or even much more,
speed up in comparison to CPU... I'm not sure what it means (which
GPU? which CPU? what input? I would like to see some more detailed
results of tests ;-)), but generally those numbers are really
attractive and maybe it would be a good idea to use CUDA in some parts
of Blender... :-)

Sebastian Kochman
(RaiQ at #blendercoders)

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