[Bf-committers] New composite node, full featured keyer.

Roger Wickes rogerwickes at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 8 14:10:49 CET 2008

My question, just from looking at the interface, is that we already have an alpha-over node to overlay the keyed image on top of the background, yet you have an input socket for that. Does your code provided a better, different, or redundant solution to the alpha-over node? If it is better, I would ask that we extract your code and use it to replace the current alpha-over node. If it is different, I would ask that we add it to the alpha-over node as a different method, selectable in the node as an algorithm/mode to use. If it is redundant, I would ask that it be removed, as it is redundant. 

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From: Xavier Thomas <xavier.thomas.1980 at gmail.com>
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Sent: Monday, December 8, 2008 1:06:09 AM
Subject: Re: [Bf-committers] New composite node, full featured keyer.


Your build do not run on my machine (complain baout openal but it is installed)

I think for a maximum portablity you have to distribute all the "install" directory and build with intern libraries of blender source. But there must be more complications then that.

Further, I think most of possible reviewers are working on 2.50. If there is not further 2.4x version comming I might be able to port the node to 2.5 before its release. 

Also,  didn't get a lot of feedback about the interface but I was thinking in separating the node in:
-one node for matte pulling
-merging my despill with the already existing one
-a Lift/Gamma/Gain + Hue/Saturation/Value color correction node
-a "lightmap" node for "spilling" the foregorund with "background light" 
-a edge blending blur node

So we can do a greenscreen with around 6 nodes and without mixing the noodles for changing parameters (or redundant parameters) whille keeping flexibility.

But as I do not really know if my code is "good" and this will change existing nodes of blender, maybe I will wait.

I will look into the color correction bug in the sequencer also, but this will change the resulting render of previous file. Is this OK?



2008/12/8 patrick <patrick at 11h11.com>

hi all,

here's a linux build with the new composite node : keyer.

xavier did a great job. is it possible to include it?

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Subject: [Bf-committers] New composite node, full featured keyer.


I am new here and develloped a new node.
I placed the patch in the tracker (#18012)

and some documentation here:

Can you, please, tell me if there is any chance for this to go to trunk. Of
course I am dispo to work on this if the code don't meet your requirement.



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