[Bf-committers] Bundle Python 3.0 for Blender 2.5

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Fri Dec 5 17:25:10 CET 2008

Reading this thread, I become more agreeable to the suggestion
that Early Ehlinger made earlier (no pun intended). He suggested
that python scripting should be handled as an external plugin
that loads at run time. Then the problem of having builds of
blender for different python versions doesn't matter: just
have one blender build and distribute it with plugins for
the different python versions. This, of course, would be a
lot easier with a well thought out C API, which I believe should
be the first step before tackling python (as I've mentioned

I should also point out that bundling python with blender adds
extra complexity to Blender's plethora of build systems. The
example of FFMPEG is a poor one since not all build
systems support it, there are issues under windowa, the
scons system supports it by having the additional
requirement of having autoconf installed, and I have
recently seen mails on the list from our game engine developer
trying to change the FFMPEG sources in extern, to which
there are no replies from the official maintainer. This is
not a role model to follow.


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