[Bf-committers] Bundle Python 3.0 for Blender 2.5

Brecht Van Lommel brecht at blender.org
Fri Dec 5 15:51:46 CET 2008


> Campbell Barton wrote:
>> Hey All, this proposal covers 2 topics
>> * Distribute Blender with python on all OS's (I'd suggest this
>> irrespective of py version used)
>> * Move to Python 3.0 for blender 2.5 (relies on a bundling python)

I think some sort of painful transition is inevitable. Python 3.0 will 
inevitably break most scripts, just grep for "print" in 
release/scripts and see how often it is used, and there are many more 
incompatibilities, external scripts are probably no different.

On the other hand 2.5 is going to break the Draw module. For example 
Draw.PupMenu is blocking, but this is not allowed in 2.50. Again more 
than half of the scripts in release/scripts use that, so they will 
break even if we try to preserve the 2.4x api.

I think we might as well get it over with in one go.

Further, I do not really understand the objection to bundling python 
with Blender. If Blender is compiled with the same version as is 
installed on the operating system, external modules using that version 
will still be available.

If you are distributing a script with external modules you can 
distribute them with the script even and it's easier because you know 
the python version Blender uses. If this is for some custom script for 
your own purposes I'm sure you are capable of compiling either Blender 
or the external module so they use the same python version, if the 
version is not the same already. Right now even, chances are there is 
no Blender release with the python version you are using.

So, basically I agree with Campbell in that we should bundle 2.5 with 
python 3.0, I don't see what would be the better alternative that is 
feasible, as I don't think having two python versions compiled into 
Blender is a practical possibility.


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