[Bf-committers] patch: added GetLocalInertia to GameObject

Alon Levy alonlevy1 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 21:22:24 CET 2008


 I've added a patch to the patch tracker here (my first):

I basically added a function to get the local frame inertia for any game
object, implemented it for bullet and made an empty implementation for sumo
(which is deprecated afaik so I hope is not a problem for accepting).

 I have no idea how this fits for 2.50, hope it does, it's a very small


Alon Levy
p.s. My overall interest is in using blender to simulate robots, and it
seems I'll probably need to be able to set the inertia tensor independently,
right now it is calculated from the object shape as set in bounds - this is
only correct for a uniform material object, in effect requiring modeling
every small part if you want to get the inertia right, which is of course
not feasible for complex objects (like robots).
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