[Bf-committers] My help Offering

Sven von Brand svbrand at alumnos.inf.utfsm.cl
Sun Aug 31 10:46:14 CEST 2008

Hello everyone,
	I don't write much in this list, but I read it since quite some time. I
won't say I understand everything or I read everything, but it's nice to
see how the development is going.

	I'm now writting to offer my help coding, I have wanted to help before
and to work with blender coding, but have been low in time. I'm studying
"Ingenieria Civil Informatica", something like Computer Engineeiring,
and am currently in fourth year. I have experience with C, some OpenGL,
Java, Perl, PHP, SQL, a little C++ and some other languages. I'm
currently in a course where we are able to choose a project worth while
working in, this would mean, I would be committed to help and also very

I have been reading some of the information about getting involved and
such, but some seems outdated, so I wanted to ask if someone could use a
pair of coding hands, I have much to learn, but I'm eager to help.

	In case you hadn't noticed, my native language is spanish, but I speak
English and some German in case it is of any help.

	I already try to spread blender here in Chile, through courses and
speeches, but would like to help coding too.


Sven von Brand Laredo
Estudiante de Ing. Civil Informatica, UTFSM
Fedora Ambassador for Chile
Coordinador Ciclo Charlas Tecnicas, DI, UTFSM

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