[Bf-committers] Web Plugin Status #2

Marcelo Coraça de Freitas mfreitas at ydeasolutions.com.br
Fri Aug 22 02:33:34 CEST 2008

Some more comments.

Em Sex, 2008-08-22 às 01:26 +0200, Enrico Fracasso escreveu:

> Problems I've found:
> * scripting isn't so easy (IPC between processes)

It's not a real issue.

As I see, we have two different options. One is to implement a simple
interface for IPC. This interface will have only what's really needed to
implement scripting.

Then we can implement this interface using different API for ICP,
depending on OS. In linux I'd sugest dbus. In windows there are other
options, some of them already included in windows.

The easier approach is to use dbus or other ICP library, such ICE or
CORBA, in both. There is a port of dbus to windows, but that'd require
the user to also have dbus. We can arrange that for him in a transparent
way (embeding dbus in the plugin code - when the plugin is loaded a dbus
server is created) but I don't know (yet) if it's really the best

I'd go for dbus in either way because it's already comming with almost
every linux distribution and also because we can implement dbus
scripting in our .blend files.

That'd be actually pretty cool!

Imagine having a Browser module inside your blender that actually calls
browser's methods from JavaScrtip?

Browser.alert( "the plugin whants your attention!" );

cool! :D

> * AFAIK it works only on unix

I'm not sure about that. From what I noticed, the only significant
change is that the XID you receive in your SetWindow method is one that
can be used in other proccesses. I tried to do that without XEmbed and
it didn't work... maybe all I was missing is to create a inner window
and use it. :D

If that's so, we could implement our own XEmbed and use it in Windows
and MacOS. But I'm sure the Mozilla folks already thought about that. :D

That was actually my first approach in creating this plugin and then you
came with your patch and I got excited about fixing the existing plugin.
This was awesome because I actually know something about Ketsji and more
about mozilla's plugins. And because I had lots of fun! :D

I think it's the best approach for all platforms, including for IE
plugin. The ActiveX plugin itself would be only a wrapper to fork the
procces and scripting.

> * running FPSTemplateLightMap.blend (that requires mouse and keyboard
> input) sometimes the plugin gets "confused" about the keyboard status.

Maybe we just gotta tell mozilla to ignore all events comming from the
plugin Window. Once I get your plugin working in here I'm gonna try some
things in here! :D


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