[Bf-committers] Web Plugin Status

Marcelo Coraça de Freitas mfreitas at ydeasolutions.com.br
Thu Aug 21 01:15:31 CEST 2008

Howdy all!

    We've achieved a great progress in the plugin development!

    Now it's working again but with two big problems:
        1. shaders aren't working at all (with message "shaders not
supported!" - maybe you guys can give me some pointers in here, given
the SAL can play everything fine)! So, everything loaded is kinda ugly
and... well.. I wouldn't publish anything with this graphic quality. :D
        2. the function set_tpage implemented in the GPC_PolygonMaterial
is not working (I think it is not working at all). I haven't checked if
it's the same as the one implemented in source/blender/src/drawmesh.c
but I'm sure it's the one being called. The browser simply freezes. I'm
yet to debug it but it's a long C function... will take a while.

    Besides, the performance of the plugin is ridiculous. I get a
freaking slow fps count. It might be because of the BIG amount of
debugging messages I've put across the code so I could find the problem
(remember.. I'm running it inside the browser.. so... no debugger for
what I know - if you guys know something about debugging a code that has
been loaded dynamically inside another instance tell me). Once I got
those messages remove I think it'll be fine.

    Also, there is another (rather small, but yet blocker) bug in
locking X11 resources. Sometimes I get a "Unexpected Async Something"
error message (that's not important now thought) and then the browser

    I am to submit a patch when those bugs are fixed. By then the
subversion branch should be already created and I'll be able to commit
some more changes. Note that I'll stop working on this plugin in the
next week or so in order to continue some indoor project, but we are
about to hire someone only to maintain it (full time job). So, even
thought there will be a small halt in the plugin development it'll not
be forgotten this time!

Marcelo Coraça de Freitas
Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento de Softwares 

Ydea Desenvolvimento de Software LTDA. 
Av. Adolfo Pinheiro, 2338 - Alto da Boa Vista 
CEP.:04734-004 - São Paulo - SP 
Tel.: 55-11-5523-0333 
Cel.: 55-11-8685-1429 
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