[Bf-committers] Blender Web Plugin compile (patch)

Enrico Fracasso enrico.fracasso at email.it
Mon Aug 18 19:28:45 CEST 2008

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 15:01, Marcelo Coraça de Freitas
<mfreitas at ydeasolutions.com.br> wrote:
> Enrico,

Hi Marcelo,

> I have several reasons for trying this approach (even though I know I
> might end up with some code that is very close to the one that exists
> currently):
>   1. no Java requirement - I know there is the compiled class already
> in the subversion tree, but java is well... java got it's limitation.
> I'd rather stick with the C++ limitations only as it's the language used
> in the engine itself.
The patch I've submitted doesn't depend on java. I've just checked and
it compiles using a java generated class (that I forgot to remove),
but you can remove it safely (if you want I can resend the patch)
AFAIK it's not possible to compile against new plugin api using java as bind.

>   2. I don't know how deeper I'd have to change the plugin to implement
> all the new features present in the standalone player. Starting from
> what's already the most featured code would give me some pointers on how
> to put everything together.
>   3. The gecko API for plugins is quite confusing. The developer docs
> talk about some interface, but when you get to see the examples it's a
> totally different one (each example implement it's own). So, after a
> couple of days of headache I found where the mess is: there is no
> standard API except for two functions (one to initialize and set all the
> functions you'll use for each task and another to finalize the plugin
> code). If I've started by the plugin I'd probably not know about this
> right now and it could lead me to tons of difficulties in the future.
The starting point of the blender plugin is:
that "extends" the base "class"
all important "stuff" happen into
where there is the binding between the plugin and the engine.

I've created some CMakeFile.txt but the most important is in
./webplugin/, where you can find all linking needed to build the
plugin itself

The direct url for the patch is


Enrico Fracasso

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