[Bf-committers] 64-Bit Blender for OSX

Dustin Martin dustin at 54.org
Fri Aug 15 23:38:26 CEST 2008

Hey there,

This is Dustin (MrRage) and I just wanted to give a quick update on
the work I'm doing to get Blender to use Cocoa and 64-bit for Mac OSX.
I have skeleton code for the ghost cocoa wrapper done and I'll be
finishing up with getting our dependences Cocoa and 64bit complaint
before going back and filling in the rest of the ghost code.  I have
two libs ready to go into a darwin-9.x lib so far.  All libs going
into this folder will be built against the 10.4 SDK, as well as being
universal 32/64bit.  If the lib can not be universal then it will be
broken out accordingly.  10.3 will be liked against the older libs we
currently have.

Only show stopper so far for 64bit blender on OSX that we have no
control over is SDL.  SDL will not support 64bit on OSX till its next
major revision (1.3).  Only package's effected by this would be sound
and fluid sim.  Fluid sim uses SDL threads and mutex locking (about 20
lines of it total), so I'm going to make a patch to use pthreads over
SDL -- unless someone already has one done.

Other intern packages that are effected by going Cocoa would be Sound,
QuckTime, ghostwinlay and the blender executable.  Fortunately we can
keep the creator.c file (originally I thought we coudn't) and just
call a function to start the cocoa main loop, so changes there are
going to be small in that file.

Sound I'm going to hold off on till I know whats going on with it
because I recall someone was doing some work with it.  I planing on
putting up a wiki page to cover any project related notes sometime

I've been coordinating with lukep on this project as well and his
expertise has been very helpful.

Alright cool well you guys take it easy.

- Dustin
- MrRage

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