[Bf-committers] Apricot and Node Materials

Carsten Wartmann cw at blenderbuch.de
Thu Aug 14 16:52:38 CEST 2008


I was just experimenting with the Node-Materials in the Arpricot branch. 
Very nice!

However, I found a thing which I think would be nice.

I was going over some old gamekit game from me (super-g, a ski-racer 
demo). I used with apricot multi-texture materials with stencil to mix 
textures (snow and rock). After I magaged this I thought: why not use 
material mixing, so that also the physical properties mix (in this case 
friction of course)?

For the 3dview I set up the nodes quite quickly, however, in the 
gameengine it does not work. Maybe I made a mistake? Maybe a bug or not 

Of course also the mixing of physical properties did not work then.

So what do you think: Would this be nice? I think so. Racer and jump&run 
would benefit from that!

Beside that I did try to use multi-materials on a single mesh which also 
does not work, thats a bug I think.

See this file: http://blenderbuch.de/tmp/SplatDynTest.blend


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