[Bf-committers] Ordering Action Channels

Moraes Junior moraesjunior at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 06:49:16 CEST 2008

Hi, I was animating and I realize some little things when doing it.
Some is about Ordering Channels:

1st -
- Ctrl + Shift + PgUp (Or Menu Channel > Ordering > Move to Top) and
- Ctrl + Shift + PgDown (Or Menu Channel > Ordering > Move to Bottom)
Works fine with one or more channels (or channel groups) selected.

- Shift + PgUp (Or Menu Channel > Ordering > Move Up) and
- Shift + PgDown (Or Menu Channel > Ordering > Move Down)
*** Only works with 1 channel (or channel group) selected .

2nd -
- If I already have an action and after that I make bone groups, with colors
setted up, the actions wil be with the same arrangement. But if I add some
key for one bone, only that bone goes to the group channel (group bone) and
get the color.

- But if I already have a channel group and set a color on the bone group,
it will not change on the channel group. I need to set it again on the
Proprieties panel, on each channel group at each action!

3rd -
- There is no way to arrange and ordering that for a lot actions ( may could
have a "copy the arrangement and color from another action" - blender
style). For now needs to be done one by one.

I think that is it! I hope that kind of information could be usefull for you



3D Animator
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