[Bf-committers] Problem with Particles and Soft bodies

Sven von Brand svbrand at alumnos.inf.utfsm.cl
Wed Aug 6 18:54:58 CEST 2008

Daniel Genrich wrote:
> Hello Sven,
> did you take a look in the modifier stack? The order of the cloth 
> modifier and the particle modifier is important there. Just switch the 
> order of particle and cloth and it works as you described (see also wiki 
> documentation for that). First (on the top) the cloth modifier, then the 
> particle modifier. If that works for you I'll close the bug.

Oh I see, it's an intended functionality, it is the modifiers order, I
missed that. So yeah, you can close the bug.

 I, as a user, wouldn't expect generally that behaviour, maybe it would
be good if the cloth modifier when activated is put in before any
particle modifier, because it's really strange generally to see what
happens when you invert the order, but that might just be to complicated
in the end.

> Greetings
> Daniel

Greeting, and thanks!

Sven von Brand Laredo
Estudiante de Ing. Civil Informatica, UTFSM
Fedora Ambassador for Chile
Coordinador Ciclo Charlas Tecnicas, DI, UTFSM

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