[Bf-committers] Problem with Particles and Soft bodies

Daniel Genrich daniel.genrich at gmx.net
Wed Aug 6 09:16:16 CEST 2008

Hello Sven,

did you take a look in the modifier stack? The order of the cloth 
modifier and the particle modifier is important there. Just switch the 
order of particle and cloth and it works as you described (see also wiki 
documentation for that). First (on the top) the cloth modifier, then the 
particle modifier. If that works for you I'll close the bug.


Sven von Brand schrieb:
> Daniel Genrich wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Can you provide an example blend and post it into the bug tracker? Just 
>> assign the bug to me, I'll take a look if it's a hair or cloth problem.
> I was able to reproduce the bug in blender 2.46, it happens when you
> create the particle system before activating cloth, if you activate
> cloth, then create the particle system, and then do the bake of the
> cloth, it works fine. It doesn't work fine when you: create the particle
> system, then activate cloth and then do the bake of cloth.
> I am putting it in bug tracker as I writte this mail.
> greetings

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