[Bf-committers] Problem with Particles and Soft bodies

Sven von Brand svbrand at alumnos.inf.utfsm.cl
Tue Aug 5 09:01:37 CEST 2008

Daniel Genrich wrote:
> Hello Sven,
> please be more specific: Did you used Cloth or Soft Bodies? Because both 
> are unrelated to each other. If you want to have moving hair, you need 
> to use Soft Bodies (as the name implies).

I used cloth, the problem is that the hair doesn't stay in the face when
the mesh get deformed from a bake. The hair apears as if the mesh hadn't
deform. This does not happen in blender 2.46.

> Greetings
> Daniel


Sven von Brand Laredo
Estudiante de Ing. Civil Informatica, UTFSM
Fedora Ambassador for Chile
Coordinador Ciclo Charlas Tecnicas, DI, UTFSM

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