[Bf-committers] Collada status

Tim Knip tim.knip at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 17:53:46 CEST 2008

Hi list,

This is my first post here.

The reason I joined, is that I need 'good' Collada export and willing
to work on this.
I'm doing the Collada stuff - http://ascollada.org/?tag=collada - for
Papervision3D - http://blog.papervision3d.org/ - a 3D implementation
for Adobe Flash.

So I've got some understanding of the Collada spec.
My knowledge on Blender etc. is near zero, though I can handle Python a bit.

I understand that Collada import/export is still handled by
http://sourceforge.net/projects/colladablender/ ?
Maybe I should simply join this one?

Anyway: just wanted to ask you how/if I should proceed and whether
there are already plans for Collada?


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