[Bf-committers] WITH_BF_GLEXT

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Tue Apr 29 16:44:36 CEST 2008


I think it is not a good idea to rely on the platform glext.h (should have commented on this earlier but overlooked the discussion). The build shouldn't be limited to the OpenGL version of the computer that is was built on. Windows comes with version 1.1 by default for example. And extensions checks should not be done with #ifdef's anyway, but with runtime checks only ..

It would be better to use something like GLEW. I'd prefer everything to use GLEW, and I've committed it in the apricot branch and will investigate how to use it for the game engine, though it's too big a change to do before the release now. Regardless, I think the current situation is not good and should be improved maybe after the release, but I think it's still important to get release builds with extensions enabled.

There's a bug in the tracker now about GL extensions not being supported in unofficial windows builds. I'm not sure what the situation will be in the official builds, but I guess they might not have the extensions either without making changes. I suppose this is something all platform maintainers should test for when they make the next RC.


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>Onderwerp: Re: [Bf-committers] WITH_BF_GLEXT
>In reply to Jean-Luc Peuri?re (jlp at nerim.net):
>>    (We may need to work on this stuff to get it fully functioning properly)
>>    I consider this a very bad regression. it worked really fine previously.
>>    If the card did not really support the GLSL it was checked at runtime
>>    and did not crash and simply did not display it.
>>    I'm not sure how many people used that, it is GE specific and probably
>>    little known, but still.
>Hi Jean-Luc,
>I appreciate where your comming from, the problem was though that it
>wasn't working for everyone, was actually crashing the game engine on some 
>Note: I did not change any of the tests, I simply removed the header
>because it was old and did not work with some hardware.  Its also
>something I believe that we shouldn't have in the code.  We don't include GL.h
>Its a header that should be done at the platform level not the software.
>I'm sorry its not working for you,  I'm willing to try and help
>you get it working.  I haven't had a chance to test things on my
>macbook, will do that tonight.  On my linux machine with an NVIDIA
>card I have no problems with the gameengine demos, I can also,
>setenv WITHOUT_GLEXT 1 and turn it off if I want to.
>(The other thing the patch does)
>mein at cs.umn.edu
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