[Bf-committers] Composite Nodes vs Sequencer

Chris Cherrett stuff at trackingsolutions.ca
Mon Apr 28 23:14:46 CEST 2008

Rui Campos wrote:
> This is just my opinion on what I saw lately with Node(s) in the patch
> tracker not being added to the Compositor due to some idea that they
> belong to the sequencer instead, even though the code was good enough for
> inclusion.
> I don't really know what is the major idea behind the Compositor and its
> interaction with the Sequencer, but I do use the Compositor more often
> than the Sequencer and with live footage, rather then with fancy 3D stuff.
> So, in my opinion, the rejected patch to add a Deinterlace Node to the
> Compositor was a shock to me, since I have to use separate tools to do
> this and was hoping to have it built-into Blender, to avoid using more
> tools when I could use just one. (Yes, I did apply the patch on my own
> compile, but it would make sense for it to be included and supported in
> future releases)
> My pipeline is usually the following:
> - Load the raw footage in the Compositor to do all sort of color
> corrections and masks and so forth.
> - Render the result.
> - Load the result into the sequencer just for fade-in/out and adding sound.
> - Render the final solution in PNG.
> - Convert the material to YUV.
> - Encode to H.264.
> - Load into a Matroska container.
> Basically I use the Compositor for most of the things I need to do, hell I
> would just use the Compositor if it had the following:
> 1. Ability to key the Node values in time (have it show up as a IPO curve
> would be good).
> 2. Have an Input Node for Sound.
> 3. Have an Output Node with Sound, as well as the Composite Output Node to
> have a Sound input.
> 4. Have Histogram, Chroma Vectorscope and Luma Waveform Output Node viewers.
> 5. Have all the Sequencer Effects available as Compositor Nodes.
> 6. Have a Node for if/else sentences based on input values/masks.
> So, as you can see the Compositor can be used for much more than what it
> was probably designed for. And with this in mind I would like to say that
> I find it disappointing to see cool Nodes such as the Deinterlace one
> being rejected just because the official maintainers don't actually make
> use of it that way.
> I appreciate all the development you guys have been doing so far, but
> don't just reject things on a basis that you don't actually use it or see
> the use of it.
> Also, justifying it as "this belongs in the Sequencer" doesn't make much
> sense to me. In my opinion all Compositor Nodes should be available in the
> Sequencer as Effects as well as all Effects in the Sequencer should be
> available as Compositor Nodes.
> In the end I would like Blender to be able to load a new "Effect Plugin"
> and this effect would be available in both the Sequencer and the Node
> Compositor. I'm sure that the Sequencer and the Compositor can be adjusted
> to conform to a similar plugin interface.
> Well, this is just an opinion that I hope to see cleared out before the
> release of 2.46.
> Cheerz,
> -- Rui --
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I could not agree with you more. I have the same type pipeline. I hope
it does get a rethink!

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