[Bf-committers] H.264 / x264 output in Blender (to Peter Schlaile)

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Mon Apr 28 20:10:02 CEST 2008

Well, after looking at the FFMPEG source I figured out I need to be able
to set the following variables visually:

Desc: Description that should show in Blender.
Note: Notes on what is needed for H.264/x264, not taking into account
other codecs.

>From the AVCodecContext:
- bit_rate
  Desc: Average Bitrate
- bit_rate_tolerance
  Desc: Bitrate Tolerance
  Note: usage for CBR or VBR, can we have 2 pass in Blender?
    It doesn't make sense if we can't have 2 pass.
- rc_max_rate
  Desc: Maximum Bitrate

- gop_size
  Desc: Keyframe
- keyint_min
  Desc: Minimum Keyframe (Minimum GOP Size)

- crf
  Desc: Quality Factor
- cqp
  Desc: Constant Quantization

- qcompress
  Desc: Quantizer Compression
- qblur
  Desc: Quantizer Blur
- qmin
  Desc: Minimum Quantizer
- qmax
  Desc: Maximum Quantizer

- i_quant_factor
  Desc: Quantizer between P and I-frames
- b_quant_factor
  Desc: Quantizer between IP and B-frames

- max_qdiff
  Desc: Maximum Quantizer Diff
- max_b_frames
  Desc: Maximum B-Frames

- flags
  Desc: Codec Flags
  Note: At least the following flags (multiple-selection):
    CODEC_FLAG_* (for any other flags)
- flags2
  Desc: Codec Flags 2
  Note: At least the following flags (multiple-selection):
    CODEC_FLAG2_* (for any other flags)

- me_method
  Desc: Motion estimation algorithm
  Note: At least the following (single-selection):
    ME_HEX (default)
    ME_* (for any other algorithm not x264 related)
- me_range
  Desc: Motion Estimation Search Range
  Note: 0 = unlimited (default)
- me_subpel_quality
  Desc: Motion Estimation Quality
- me_cmp
  Desc: Motion Estimation Comparison
  Note: At least the following (multiple-selection):
    FF_CMP_CHROMA (default)
    FF_CMP_* (for other non x264 related)

- complexityblur
  Desc: Complexity Blur (QP Fluctuations Bias)

- coder_type
  Desc: Coder Type
  Note: At least the following:
  Note2: For x264 if this option is FF_CODER_TYPE_AC is uses CAVLC/CABAC,
so you might want to have it like a single true/false option with a
description CAVLC/CABAC, only for x264.

- b_frame_strategy
  Desc: B-Frames Strategy
- bframebias
  Desc: B-frames Usage Bias
- scenechange_threshold
  Desc: Scene Change Detection
- deblockalpha
  Desc: Deblocking Filter Alpha
- deblockbeta
  Desc: Deblocking Filter Beta
- refs
  Desc: Reference Frames
- partitions
  Desc: Partitions to be used
  Note: At least the following (multiple-selection),
   all enabled by default:
- directpred
  Desc: Prediction Mode
  Note: 0 (none), 1 (spatial), 2 (temporal)

- noise_reduction
  Desc: Noise Reduction Strength

- chromaoffset
  Desc: Chroma QP Offset
  Note: Optional

- thread_count
  Note: I suppose this is being set with the blender thread count

I will add more to it later on, just wanted to have this cleared out.

-- Rui --

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