[Bf-committers] Composite Nodes vs Sequencer

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Mon Apr 28 14:06:34 CEST 2008

This is just my opinion on what I saw lately with Node(s) in the patch
tracker not being added to the Compositor due to some idea that they
belong to the sequencer instead, even though the code was good enough for

I don't really know what is the major idea behind the Compositor and its
interaction with the Sequencer, but I do use the Compositor more often
than the Sequencer and with live footage, rather then with fancy 3D stuff.

So, in my opinion, the rejected patch to add a Deinterlace Node to the
Compositor was a shock to me, since I have to use separate tools to do
this and was hoping to have it built-into Blender, to avoid using more
tools when I could use just one. (Yes, I did apply the patch on my own
compile, but it would make sense for it to be included and supported in
future releases)

My pipeline is usually the following:
- Load the raw footage in the Compositor to do all sort of color
corrections and masks and so forth.
- Render the result.
- Load the result into the sequencer just for fade-in/out and adding sound.
- Render the final solution in PNG.
- Convert the material to YUV.
- Encode to H.264.
- Load into a Matroska container.

Basically I use the Compositor for most of the things I need to do, hell I
would just use the Compositor if it had the following:
1. Ability to key the Node values in time (have it show up as a IPO curve
would be good).
2. Have an Input Node for Sound.
3. Have an Output Node with Sound, as well as the Composite Output Node to
have a Sound input.
4. Have Histogram, Chroma Vectorscope and Luma Waveform Output Node viewers.
5. Have all the Sequencer Effects available as Compositor Nodes.
6. Have a Node for if/else sentences based on input values/masks.

So, as you can see the Compositor can be used for much more than what it
was probably designed for. And with this in mind I would like to say that
I find it disappointing to see cool Nodes such as the Deinterlace one
being rejected just because the official maintainers don't actually make
use of it that way.

I appreciate all the development you guys have been doing so far, but
don't just reject things on a basis that you don't actually use it or see
the use of it.

Also, justifying it as "this belongs in the Sequencer" doesn't make much
sense to me. In my opinion all Compositor Nodes should be available in the
Sequencer as Effects as well as all Effects in the Sequencer should be
available as Compositor Nodes.

In the end I would like Blender to be able to load a new "Effect Plugin"
and this effect would be available in both the Sequencer and the Node
Compositor. I'm sure that the Sequencer and the Compositor can be adjusted
to conform to a similar plugin interface.

Well, this is just an opinion that I hope to see cleared out before the
release of 2.46.


-- Rui --

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