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2008/4/24 Brecht Van Lommel <brechtvanlommel at pandora.be>:

> Revision: 14539
> http://projects.blender.org/plugins/scmsvn/viewcvs.php?view=rev&root=bf-blender&revision=14539
> Author:   blendix
> Date:     2008-04-24 22:21:33 +0200 (Thu, 24 Apr 2008)
> Log Message:
> -----------
> Apricot Branch: material GLSL shaders
> =====================================
> - Currently only supports node-based materials, with some nodes,
>  main purpose of this commit is to get the infrastructure in
>  place, more material options will be added in the following weeks.
> - Supported shader nodes: camera, curves, geometry (everything
>  except global and front/back), curves (partially), huesatval,
>  invert, mapping, math, mix/add/mult/sub/div, math, vector math,
>  normal, output, rgb, separate/combine rgb, squeeze, basic image
>  textures, value and output.
> - Lights and shaders are still missing, but since the SoC project
>  had these working quite far it should be possible to reuse that
>  code.
> - Enable using "GL Shaded Mode" in the user preferences. It will
>  replace regular shaded mode with glsl shaders.
> - If the material is not node based or has an error in it, it will
>  revert to solid shading. Need to do this kind of error handling
>  better and make it posssible to still run even with some
>  functionality not supported.
> - Integration with texture loading in textured mode is very poor,
>  needs to be revised.
> - Only added support for Scons and Makefiles.
> - Added GLEW in extern/. There were some conflicts with the game
>  engine opengl extensions but managed to solve them. Still, it
>  would be good to use single mechanism for opengl extensions.
> - Added a "gpu" module in source/blender. It has quite a lot of
>  code with much of it uncommented as well, some of that will
>  become used and some it will be removed later.
> - OpenGL shader code is currently converted to a C file with
>  datatoc (which now 0-terminates the arrays), but this has to
>  be done manually still, need to figure out a better way or
>  integrate it into the build systems.
> Hello, is it the GSoC of last year you used?
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