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Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Tue Apr 22 18:31:42 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I stumbled on this too, even though I use Blender often, usually it
happens when I'm doing something that started as a test and then turns
into something decent, then I forget I haven't saved it and for some
reason close Blender (I have auto-save enabled, as long as I save once I
don't get that much lost).
And usually I don't remember I have the quit file that I can load up and
restore to where I left.

Anyway, even avid users stumble on this.

So, here is what I purpose that doesn't mess with the nice way we have to
quit Blender, but at the same time giving us awareness on something we
didn't mean to leave behind.

Use Case:

1. User starts Blender
2. User does something in Blender and doesn't save
3. User closes Blender or does CTRL+X


User is not aware Blender has a Quit file

One Solution:

- For each close of Blender or CTRL+X, where the user hasn't made a first
save, Blender should save a quit file with a datetime stamp on it:

- There should be an option in the preferences to enable/disable this
behavior, which should be enabled by default.

- Upon start of Blender and after the splash goes away, there should
appear a menu-like pop-up that would alert for previously unsaved files
that were detected in the "quit files folder" and listing them so that the
user could load them and continue using it. In case no file was detected
it wouldn't show.

- Again, there should be an option in the preferences to enable/disable
this behavior, and should be enabled by default.

- When checking for the existence of unsaved files for the pop-up, the
method should also erase files that were dated one month older or so
(maybe configurable), to avoid having a considerable amount of trash in
this folder.

Another solution:

- There could be another method that would alert the user for just the
last unsaved file (either by using quit or CTRL+X), asking if he would
like to save it, reload it or delete it. This way would avoid keeping lots
of files in a trash folder.

One thing I would like to be discussed is the CTRL+X option, in my opinion
it should work much like the quit button.

I hope this tosses some more ideas into the discussion and this can get
cleared out for the 2.46 release.

-- Rui --

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Here's my stance on issues like this:

We *always* should choose quality over convention, independent of what
websites votes for or what "standards" big software companies forced us
upon. If requests are popular they reveil a problem, something to
seriously tackle, but requests never are by definition the best

So! If users accidentally lose work, let's tackle that. But don't play
the popularity card or the standards card. These are hollow and
manipulative arguments, only leading to mediocre solutions.


On 19 Apr, 2008, at 17:44, Yves Poissant wrote:

>> The point is that saving at quit is so fast in blender is that it is
>> a better solution that adding a popup. Why should we adopt
>> an inferior solution because it is standard ?
> Interesting opinion but not an argument. Standard means that people
> using
> systems develop habits and automatisms. When a software does not
> follow the
> standards, then those habits get in the way and produces mishaps. I
> lost
> works because I forgot to save before quiting. My old habits kikked in
> even
> though I was aware. That sort of software behavior have become
> standards for
> good reasons.
>> btw, there is many softwares with automatic saves, like your
>> email software.
> Sometimes, I just want to quit and not save.
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