[Bf-committers] non-virtual destructor compilation warning in the BGE

olivS olivier.saraja at free.fr
Sun Apr 20 23:39:51 CEST 2008

Le dimanche 20 avril 2008, Benoit Bolsee a écrit :
> Someone on the IRC channel mentionned that there are currently some
> nasty warnings about non-virtual destructor in the gameengine code.
> I did a full recompilation with MSVC and did not find these warnings. Is
> it possible to get the exact warning message?

Hi Benoit,

I'm not the one who reported, but I tried to build Blender using Scons for 
Linux Ubuntu just after seeing your message. I got a lot of warning of this 

attention : «class SM_Callback" has virtual functions but non-virtual 

More complete log here:


I don't know if it will be useful for you. I usually don't pay much attention 
to warnings, as I'm not a coder, but there are a lot of warnings that did not 
use to be there a few weeks ago... They are also in the log I pastebined...


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