[Bf-committers] scons and static libs

Ken Hughes khughes at pacific.edu
Fri Apr 18 06:15:23 CEST 2008

Ken Hughes wrote:
> Stephen Swaney wrote:
>> On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 09:54:38PM -0700, Ken Hughes wrote:
>>> (1) Specify the libs using a shared (".so") or static (".a") suffix.  
>>> Parse each BF_*_LIB string and tack the lib into either a shared or 
>>> static list, then send these to the linker separated by the appropriate 
>>> platform-specific flags ("-Xlinker -Bstatic" for linux, for example).  I 
>>> played with the output of scons and found that this worked reliably, 
>>> including the shared or static OpenGL libs.    
>> Of the two solutions, #1 sounds the least hacky (at least before the
>> coffee kicks in!).
>> Thinking out loud, maybe we need a separate BF_STATIC_LIBS to hold our
>> statically linked items.
> I'm obviously open to either (any) good approach; for #1 I'm just unsure 
> of how this would be handled in a non-gcc world (msvc, sun, irix, etc).
I researched this a little more today and looks like scons doesn't have 
a way to handle separating static and dynamic libraries automatically.  
I'm beginning to think the BF_STATIC_LIBS is a good idea, but I'm not 
sure how it should work with the other BF_*_LIB variables.  My first 
thought that if a lib is defined one of the BF_*_LIB and is defined in 
BF_STATIC_LIBS, then we use the static.  BF_STATIC_LIB should just act 
as a modifier for defined libs, not define libs itself.  That way, 
should WITH_BF_* be set false, the BF_STATIC_LIBS doesn't include that 
library regardless.


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