[Bf-committers] Volumetrics Update

echelon at infomail.upr.edu.cu echelon at infomail.upr.edu.cu
Thu Apr 17 17:10:43 CEST 2008

Hi all:
Good news!
Yesterday, with the help of the comunity I could grab a recent SVN source
code, I where coding in the old 2.45 source code so my fear if the new
code changed a lot come true, but for good, the render code are now better
organized and modular, I haven´t to make any changes into my code
(volumetric.h and volumetric.c), only those concerning the integration in
existing blender code, as some structures and function changes, so...
volumetrics are now well integrated with blurry
reflections,refractions,QMC,SSS and all the existing features of the
Blender internal render.
Next time I get conected I´ll upload new pictures showing those features
(Volumetric frosted glass!)
> ------------------------------
> With refractions? If no reflections or refractions, I do not see why
> it would increase time, as there is no recursivity (AO or ray lamps
> would be just one extra level, IIRC, so constant).

I think all of this was a missunderstanding by my part, the original post
I made was about a scene, consistent of a bunch of spheres with no
reflections but with refractions, and in that case ,the raydeph beyond
internal traverse of the spheres dosen´t  count, the same is the case
where there´s no refraction or reflection, so constant.
As you say, with reflections, the render time is increased with each bounce
(is the very nature of raytracer and dosen´t have to do with the raycaster )

> There are methods that give better looking results without wasting
> time in more samples. For example generate a grid (16*16, more?) of
> small (0.0 to 0.something) pseudo random numbers, and offset the
> sampling depth in a per pixel basis. You can find papers talking about
> this dithering trick from around the 90s, some even did it in
> hardware.

  Thank you, I´ll look for it, any papers or research that you and the
comunity/devs found usefull let me know, although I´ve being progressing
a lot in these days, acording to my schedule Im still in the research
(I´m already have lots of papers, but the more, the best) so are more than

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