[Bf-committers] Fwd: putting up a repository for blender contents

Toni Alatalo antont at kyperjokki.fi
Mon Apr 14 17:53:14 CEST 2008

Jonathan-David SCHRODER kirjoitti:

i don't know if this has been discussed elsewhere yet, nor nothing about 
the related SoC proposal, but am commenting what can a bit as saw no 
replies otherwise yet.
>  "The clipart that the Open Clip Art Library provides is intended first
>  and foremost for users of Open Source applications such as Inkscape,
>  Sodipodi, OpenOffice.org, AbiWord, but also for any and all other
>  applications which allow SVG to be used."
>  I would like to do something similar for blender data and other file
>  formats related to 3d if needed.


>  - have a protocol defined (I'll probably use the REST procotol with
>  opendesktop.org's REST API)

REST sure sounds like a good idea here.

>  If ever a blender assets repository were to exist, would the Blender
>  Foundation want to "sponsor" it / make it official ? Or should it be a
>  community project ?

i think it might be good as an independent effort. BF can perhaps 'make 
it official' but anyway, official or not, can link to it from the site 
etc. if it is a good resource/service/.. (like blendernation and 
blenderartists are now). note that i'm not affiliated with BF (now), am 
just guessing :)

i can imagine there might be interest for this in many other communities 
too. have personally been involved now somewhat in OpenSim ('open 
metaverse' and friends), where the online worlds are/have kind of asset 
repos and people use libraries to make places. the project where i've 
been involved, http://www.realxtend.org/ , has added support for 
arbitary meshes to that opensim server thing (as otherwise ppl are now 
using mostly Second Life clients with it, and there 'normal' mesh geom 
is not supported but things are built from 'primitives'). so i can 
imagine e.g. the rex ppl being interested in such a repo. rex is using 
ogre and exporting to that works well from Blender, and certainly having 
a good Blender integration would be nice for the authoring / management. 
personally i don't mind if it is tied to Blender, using .blend 
internally etc., but i guess it can (easily) also support (exporting to 
/ importing from) other formats if/as needed by someone else / later.

>  I am on the right place to post this message ?

i guess so, certainly it is a possible contribution. the 'funboard' (the 
'feature requests/proposals mailing list') or the forums are other 
options for where to talk, but this is probably ok to get an idea of 
where these plans fit and how. if the view is that this is better as a 
separate project, as it is not really about developing Blender itself, i 
guess a thread on the forums might do to start, and putting specs to 
wiki etc. (blender.org has the dev forums, but the 'user forums' on 
blenderartists have more traffic .. well the last time i checked, 
haven't read forums for a long time now).

>  Jonathan-david Schröder


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