[Bf-committers] Zcombine node + alpha channel issue

Cédric PAILLE cedricpaille at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 11:42:59 CEST 2008


I was playing with this node, add saw that the alpha channel for each images
was not taken into account.
I use an external renderer (Pixie) with my Blender rib exporter and export Z
and A channels and when I motion blur, the result is not what I expected
(only Z do the mask).

I made this tweak to CMP_zcombine.c to make it work:

static void do_zcombine(bNode *node, float *out, float *src1, float *z1,
float *src2, float *z2)
    if(*z1 <= *z2) {
        out[0] = (src1[3]*src1[0]) + ((1-src1[3]) * src2[0]);
        out[1] = (src1[3]*src1[1]) + ((1-src1[3]) * src2[1]);
        out[2] = (src1[3]*src1[2]) + ((1-src1[3]) * src2[2]);
        out[3] = (src1[3]) + ((1-src1[3]) * src2[3]);
    else {
        out[0] = (src2[3]*src2[0]) + ((1-src2[3]) * src1[0]);
        out[1] = (src2[3]*src2[1]) + ((1-src2[3]) * src1[1]);
        out[2] = (src2[3]*src2[2]) + ((1-src2[3]) * src1[2]);
        out[3] = (src2[3]) + ((1-src2[3]) * src1[3]);

            *z1= *z2;

But It works only when "Save Buffers" and "Full Sample" is enabled on the
"output" render panel.

The other case seems a bit harder to code (with the current implementation).

One last thing, can someone look at
tell me if the python particle patch can be added in the SVN?

Best regards.

Cedric PAILLE.
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