[Bf-committers] [14385] trunk/blender/source/blender: Changed BLI_convertstringcode to replace any number of hashes with the frame number .

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Sat Apr 12 00:13:41 CEST 2008

ideasman42 at gmail.com (2008-04-11 at 1747.21 +0200):
> Before, A hash at the end of the string would be replaced by a
> number with 4 characters. This is still default if no #'s are in the
> string, so nothing has changed.

I have problems understanding those phrases. What I deduce from them
is (using extensions option):

* Some typed filenames in render output button, before:

foo_ -> foo_0099.ext foo_0100.ext
Test agrees with prediction.

foo_# -> foo_0099.ext foo_0100.ext
Just tested and the filenames are foo_00990099.ext
foo_01000100.ext. Bug. Nobody used it?

foo_#### -> ?
Test shows foo_###00990099.ext foo_###01000100.ext. Bug again.

foo_#_bar -> ?
The test gives foo_#_bar0099.ext foo_#_bar0100.ext.

foo_###_bar -> ?
Files are foo_###_bar0099.ext foo_###_bar0100.ext.

Conclusion is that # before is not very useful (position matters, to
the point of being completly useless) and has bugs.

* Same cases, after:

foo_ -> foo_0099.ext foo_0100.ext
Same than before.

foo_# -> foo_99.ext foo_100.ext
Not same than before (even assuming no bug), there is no padding
(there is no overflow either, luckly).

foo_#### -> foo_0099.ext foo_0100.ext

foo_#_bar -> foo_99_bar.ext foo_100_bar.ext
Another diff, but this time it becomes useful, frame number is written
where asked to. No zero padding, tho, so beware with regex and other file
ops, Blender included.

foo_###_bar -> foo_099_bar.ext foo_100_bar.ext
Zero padding can be controlled manually, numbers will expand as needed,
so still some caution needed when doing file ops.

This sounds like something has changed, any old file that used # at
the end will behave differently now (bug aside). Log message is
cryptic, in best case, the "this is" leads to multiple

I could try testing how scripts handle the new assumptions, but I am
tired of playing QA guy today, only other thing I tried was loading a
non zero padded image sequence, if it is going to happily save with
this scheme, it should load files back... ooops, not supported, order
problems. People better fully pad names (or enjoy selecting hundred of
files manually).


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